Web Apps 2.0

Odoo Version 11

MuK IT GmbH, Mathias Markl

MuK Web Apps

We have been working hard for the last weeks and are proud to announce that all our web apps are now available in the Store under version 2.0.

What do we mean when we say version 2.0?

Migrated to Python 3

All apps have been migrated from Python 2 to version 3 and tested with the latest version of Odoo to make sure everything works smoothly.

Ported to Version 11

Some web modules were only released for Odoo version 10. Now all are also available for version 11 and adapted to the changes that came with the new version.

Improved to be Awesome

But we didn't just migrate our modules. No, we made them even better! Many modules come with new functions or the existing ones have been revised.