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MuK Documents File MuK Documents File

MuK Documents File

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Document File System Support - Versions [11]

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MuK Documents File

Documents File Storage

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MuK Documents is a module to create, manage and view files directly within MuK IT. MuK Documents File enables a new save option. Files saved with this option will be stored inside a file storage. The file store is not synronized on both sides. So the saved files should not be changed manually, as this can lead to unexpected system states.

File Storage

Save files to a file store instead of your database. Files are stored in the same folder structure as in the Document Management System, but empty folders are not created and are automatically deleted.

File Data

A new view is provided to see all stored files. If a file is edited outside of MuK IT it is necessary to update its checksum. Otherwise, reading the file fails.



Help and Support

Feel free to contact us, if you need any help with your MuK IT integration or addiontal features.