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MuK Binary Widgets Search MuK Binary Widgets Search

MuK Binary Widgets Search

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MuK Binary Widgets

Binary Widgets Search Support

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This module allows the user to use existing attachments as input for any binary field. Both ImageBinary and FileBinary are supported. Additional buttons are available to select an attachment. The content of the file is copied afterwards so there is no link between file and binary field. For FieldMany2ManyBinaryMultiFiles a search button allows the user to attach existing attachments to the relation.

BinaryFile & BinaryImage Widget

To use an existing attachment as input simply click on the search button and select an entry from the list. By doing that the content of the selected attachment is copied into the input field.

MultiBinaryFile Widget

In the case of the MultiBinaryFile widget, multiple attachments can be selected at once. These are then automatically linked to the relation. Entries added in this way will not be deleted from the database when removed from the relation.



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