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MuK QMS Documents Mandatory Reading

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This module allows to set user groups, which must have read the document, so that it can be switched to the next stage. This is useful to ensure, for example, that a policy has been read by everyone before it comes into effect.

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MuK QMS Documents Mandatory Reading


Set up behaviour in stage

There are two options for mandatory readers in the stage. If you activate display warning a banner on the document will indicate that it wasn’t read by everyone in the readers list yet.

If you activate the option “Stop Workflow” you won’t be able to move a document to the next stage until every one reads it.

Set up who has to read a document

When you access the document as manager you can see the “Mandatory Groups” list. When you add a group every user from this group will have to read the document.

Document can’t move past the set stage

Now you can’t change the stage from cleared to valid until all people in the mandatory readers list have read this document.

Predefine readers in templates

You can even define groups of people who have to read a document in a template.

When someone creates a document out of the template the “Mandatory Groups” field gets copied.


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