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MuK Utils, Mixins and Widgets


A set of tools to simplify the development of Odoo. All of them are licensed under the AGPL and might be useful for your project.


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1. Utils, Mixins and Widgets MuK IT

2. MuK Utils ● Hierarchical Search ○ The basic model now offers new functions to find the top elements of a hierarchy as well as the direct children of a record based on the read permission of the current user. ● SCSS Editor ○ The abstract model provides methods to overwrite SCSS files in the system, as well as extract the value to a SCSS variable from a file. ● Group Mixin ○ This model can be inherited to get a user field based on groups, jobs and departments, which is automatically updated. ● Hierarchy Mixin ○ This model can be inherited to get an automatically updated path based on the value of the “name_get” method. (Widgets: ‘path_names’ and ‘path_json’)

3. MuK Security ● Check Access ○ The basic model now offers “check_access”, a simple method to check the access. ● Suspend Security ○ The method “suspend_security” can be uses just like “sudo” to skip security checks but keeps the current user in the environment. ● Access Mixin ○ A model which can be inherited to make records searchable for permissions like “write” or “unlink” by using a domain. ● Group Access Mixin ○ This model can be inherited to active a completely new security layer under Access Rights and Access Rules. The setting of groups on individual records allows a very granular security setting.

4. MuK Web Utils ● NotificationService ○ Notifications can now use a progress bar that can be updated via the service. ● Widgets ○ color (char) Enables a color picker on the field ○ color_index (integer) Widget for selecting a color index ○ binary_size (float) Displays the value with the corresponding binary unit. ○ copy_binary (binary) Adds a button to the existing widget to create a sharable link. ○ share_char (char) Share buttons for a char field. ○ share_text (text) Share buttons for a text field. ○ share_binary (binary) Share buttons for a binary field. ○ path_names (char) Formats a path of names. ○ path_json (text) Formats a path of objects.


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