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MuK Large Objects Attachment MuK Large Objects Attachment

MuK Large Objects Attachment

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Large Objects Attachment Location - Versions [11,12]

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MuK Large Objects Attachment

Large Objects Attachment Location

MuK IT GmbH -


Provides a new attachment location to save attachment as large objects. To enable the large object storage option change the ir_attachment.location parameter to lobject .

Advantages over the in-database storage
  • Better RAM efficiency (This is more important for large files than for small ones.)
  • Possibility to easily dump the base without the large objects (This can be useful for reproducing bugs.)
Advantages over the file system storage
  • Large objects are transactional (fully ACID)
  • They work out of the box in multi-system setups (So there is no need for NFS or similar file sharing tools.)
  • Enables you to easily create backups of the entire system



Help and Support

Feel free to contact us, if you need any help with your MuK IT integration or addiontal features.