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MuK QMS Documents Bundle MuK QMS Documents Bundle

MuK QMS Documents Bundle

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Quality Management System - Versions [11]

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QMS Documents Bundle

Quality Management System

MuK IT GmbH -


This module installs a complete quality management system for documents and complies with the guidelines defined in ISO-9001. The system is connected to our document management system and allows documents to be saved directly into the system.

Key Features

Starred Documents

This module allows the user to star a controlled document in MuK QMS Documents. Stars allow the user to quickly find the documents marked with stars. A separate tab in the Kanban view allows you to directly view only documents marked with stars.

DMS Support

This module adds a file field to QMS documents. Attached documents can be displayed in both the Kanban View and the Form View in a preview. Attached documents are stored in the document management system. A folder for the storage location can be set in the settings.

Documents Converter

This module allows to activate automatic document conversion on a qms document. If this is activated, an appropriate pdf file is automatically generated for the viewer when a file is added.