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MuK Documents Attachment MuK Documents Attachment

MuK Documents Attachment

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Documents as Attachment Storage - Versions [11]

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MuK Documents Attachment

Documents as Attachment Storage

MuK IT GmbH -


MuK Documents is a module to create, manage and view files directly within MuK IT. MuK Documents Attachment allows to store MuK IT Attachments inside the Document Management System. Attachments stored in the document management system are still available as attachments in MuK IT. As with all other files, the storage type can be set via the setttings.

Settings and Migration

Set a directory, where attachments should be saved by default. In case you want to migrate just click the button "Force Storage Migration".

Attachment View

A new view is provided to see all stored attachments. In case you want to migrate specific attachments, an action is provided via the "Action" menu.

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