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MuK Preview Image MuK Preview Image

MuK Preview Image

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Image Preview - Versions [11]

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Preview Image

Preview your images directly in MuK IT.

MuK IT GmbH -


Extendes the Preview Dialog to support images. Currently the following image extensions are supported:

CIS-Cod-Dateien (*.cod, image/cis-cod)
CMU-Raster-Dateien (*.ras, image/cmu-raster)
FIF-Dateien (*.fif, image/fif)
GIF-Dateien (*.gif, image/gif)
IEF-Dateien (*.ief, image/ief)
JPEG-Dateien (*.jpeg *.jpg *.jpe, image/jpeg)
PNG-Dateien (*.png, image/png)
TIFF-Dateien (*.tiff *.tif, image/tiff)
Vasa-Dateien (*.mcf, image/vasa)
Bitmap-Dateien (WAP) (*.wbmp, image/vnd.wap.wbmp)
Freehand-Dateien (*.fh4 *.fh5 *.fhc, image/x-freehand)
Icon-Dateien (*.ico, image/x-icon)
PBM Anymap Dateien (*.pnm, image/x-portable-anymap)
PBM Bitmap Dateien (*.pbm, image/x-portable-bitmap)
PBM Graymap Dateien (*.pgm, image/x-portable-graymap)
PBM Pixmap Dateien (*.ppm, image/x-portable-pixmap)
RGB-Dateien (*.rgb, image/x-rgb)
X-Windows Dump (*.xwd, image/x-windowdump)
XBM-Dateien (*.xbm, image/x-xbitmap)
XPM-Dateien (*.xpm, image/x-xpixmap)



Help and Support

Feel free to contact us, if you need any help with your MuK IT integration or addiontal features.